Andrew Decker

Andrew Decker was born in Oberlin, Ohio in 1973 and grew up in the suburbs of 1980s Chicago. He never owned a pair of Z-Cavariccis, these to him still define this period and that place but he knew many people who wore them without irony, and without a sense that anything would ever change. He found this to be a period of waiting. Waiting for things to change, for the Cubs to win, to have experiences that would make him feel the world pulse in his ears, in his hands, before his eyes. After wandering a bit he settled in New York City, as one does, where he is a public school history teacher. He loves cats, baseball, and movies, probably in that order. His favorite place in the world is Lake Michigan and he wants very badly for the world to continue to pulse, in his ears, in his hands, before his eyes. And yours.

Works published by Modern Poets Magazine:
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