Modern Poets Magazine welcomes submissions year round.

Poems may be in any style and any length. We seek inventive, soulful, authentic works: uniquely personal takes that the writer believes in. We do not wish to suggest to poets how or what to write, and although topic, theme, and style are fundamental and important, ultimately those aspects are merely in service to the greater idea. As long as you the poet are saying something – send us your best work.

Simultaneous submissions to other publications are alright, but if accepted elsewhere please let us know.

Please include a short biography for inclusion on your Poet’s Bio page.

Permissions –

Chosen works will be published to and promoted or displayed on our social media pages, including but not limited to our Instagram, Facebook or other accounts. The author retains ownership while granting display-rights to Modern Poets Magazine.

Technical –

At this time, we are only accepting submissions as text in the body of an email. Some limited HTML text formatting is acceptable. You may submit as many poems in a single email as you’d like.  The address for submitting poetry is:

[Please let us know if you have a preferred method for poetry submissions via a message on social media, using our Contact Form, or email]

Presentation Note –

Please note that while we strive to preserve the look and format of your poem for large screen devices, small screens have a limited width and will break long lines into smaller sections for ease of reading. This does not impact poetry with short lines, but if your work has full paragraphs or page‑width lines, there are three options: A. allowing the editors to select alternate line‑breaks at appropriate places when your poem is displayed on smaller screens, B. designating alternative line-breaks yourself by inserting a ‘//’ (double slash) at desired locations in your submission, or c. allowing the lines and breaks to flow as determined by the browser (aka: word‑wrap line‑breaks).  Poems have a maximum available width of about 52em on large screens, and a minimum of 22em on small screens.

One last thing –

Give us some time to read your work. If you have not heard from us within three months, feel free to inquire.