About us.

Modern Poets Magazine is a new online poetry journal based in New York City, published on a continuous basis. Our goal is simply to be the first place you come when you wish to find quality, contemporary poetry by established and emerging poets from around the world.

We seek inventive, soulful, authentic works: uniquely personal takes that the writer believes in. We do not wish to suggest to poets how or what to write, and although topic, theme, and style are fundamental and important, ultimately those aspects are merely in service to the greater idea. We wish only to present works that have something to say — poetry that comes from the soul, awareness, consciousness, and experiences of the writer.

The act of putting into words is important because it generates our shared collective experience.

If the poet is nourishing their soul, they can’t help but do the same for their readers. We strive to make Modern Poets Magazine reflect this vision of poetry. We show our respect to the poet and audience through our clean, simple design that showcases the work and provides the most enjoyable reading experience. We hope our audience is nourished by the works appearing in Modern Poets Magazine.

Sugar Tobey


New York 2016