for Tonnie

the red light comes about desolately
and he is doomed to stay
he longs for what connects him
and he imagines the sun

desire persists and
his feet stride
towards what belongs to him

slowly is happening what he had feared

chimeras populate the earth
and backwards he fulfils the tenderness
bestial sounds are also going
to where he was just now
and there is the booted
his dick disappears in his mouth
only heavenward there is space

he knows but is not desirous to come about
and bites the prankcoach
which slows down
now that the horses are put backwards
rattlesnakes and strange chaps
stick their heads outside
the mountains echo their jolly

he was lost again
and tried to catch up with who he had been
once again he has failed
but not in vain
for amidst what he perceives
there is the calf he ate
when he was younger
and more lovely too
but not to dance with

again something moves between his legs
– just trot little horse
when you get tired
I’ll put you down in the moonlight –

he spies to all sides
and finds what he found: saliva

wearied he goes on
softened by so much luck

o wondrous fierce humiliation

Anthonie Sas




On the road to the town where the fire had raged
I met the one who spoke to me:
come, go with me,
be my friend and let me
lead you through the narrow streets of this black

We walked for half an hour, speaking to each other, keeping silence,
watching the black remnants of the houses.

Then he, who brought me there, stood still:
“look at me, look me right in the eyes.”

When I looked I did not see him but a bird:
his wings more black than the charcoaled rests
around us,
his eyes more red than the devastating fire.

Yet his mouth spoke.
And the words he spoke were my words
and the wings which were black were my black
and the eyes staring at me were my eyes,
but the fire in his eyes was not my fire.



Daring to live in eyes
red, even the yellowest
blacker than white
four times
once more the last
just go now

daring to believe in eyes floating
in eyes
just go with me now

no, not the last, oh no, not the last
daring to look
the wings broken
sacks full of rain
painting rain
sacks full of wet halfheavy nomore
let us look
come, let us look at sacks full of rain
with wet halfheavy nomore

yet starting to florish again
just getting up again as the first one
living again pure like rain
giving still more, still more
come go with me now.



In your eyes only
is hidden
what awakes me

the year passes away
and each thing is dreamed up

remembrance remains
and waits

sublimity accuses me
and puts me down
full of madness
I perpetrate time and again
the sweet deeds
that torment me
until today

I praise you

thinner than threads I draw
what binds me
dreamed up I pass away
in another time
fulfilled I split.

Anthonie Sas

This too

this too would be there
and yet more
much more
but the water is full
and the floating drops
tremble in the light
along veiled roads
dead stories
are coming
and behind each new face
she hides the dead face

Anthonie Sas

The summer

The summer lies like shackled music
until the sun
metallic sky and wind
and sea of source and deserted
goes down amidst me and my

I do not wish for more than this
the joy of life
the wild passion
and the song meant for her
are dead
I lie subdued and stare
at stones
that laugh slithery glistering
in the sun

only once I shall leave me alive
and further than the extremest sound
in the light
that white and yawning
surrounds the words of my voice.

Anthonie Sas