The hairdresser asks me to wait a moment outside.

I´m clearly the first customer of the day.

He rouses three guys who have been sleeping inside the worn salon.

I sit on a tiny plastic stool in the street, waiting for my turn.

Peter Köhler

Front door

My dad tells me about a dream he had shortly after I was born.

He´s in the hallway walking past by the front door. It´s ajar.

Reaching out to close it he spots a man with a drawn gun

standing right outside.

Peter Köhler

Kite King

An old man stands in the square outside the museums. He’s flying a kite that looks like a big black bird and he’s awesome!

Every time the kite looks like it is going to crash he lets out some string from his big spool and yanks a little at it.

Soon the kite is a little dot against the smoggy skyscrapers in the background again.

After a while another kite flyer shows up. He’s at least as elderly as the first one and brings the same kind of kite. A great big black bird.

It crashes right away!

Peter Köhler


On the wall in the hallway between our bedroom and the kitchen is a pair of

Gnome-sized knitted socks.

Later I read in a tourist leaflet about guided tours

to the kingdom of the Little people, among the volcanic rock

a stone´s throw away.

Peter Köhler

Peach Garden

The peach garden is a quiet place without many visitors.

I’m suddenly pleased to find a nice statue of a giant peach.

It’s the size of a small truck.

The paintwork grades from white to a pinky orange.

Next to it is a brownish black deer with a glassy stare.

Peter Köhler

Vegetable Kingdom

I´m sketching peanuts and vegetables. They keep growing little arms and legs. Everything takes on a human form for some reason.


Peter Köhler


Maria, John and I have been out to Montauk to look at the lighthouse. On our way back we stop at a little bar by the docks. I order my first oyster and chase it down with a chilled beer. I become filled with a warm love for the Atlantic.


Peter Köhler


She tells me that all the thousands of crows in Long Island sleep together in one communal nest. At least it’s a nice thought.


– Peter Köhler

In the street

A little dog wearing a denim jacket and sneakers.


– Peter Köhler


I´m sitting at the edge of a small artificial lake outside The Palace of Fine Arts, when suddenly a large seagull crashes into a tree and hits the ground not seven feet from me. It swiftly gets to its feet and waddles off a short distance to stand with its back turned to me.

I discreetly try to sketch the bird, when it turns, embarrassed, and asks me not to.


– Peter Köhler

Väddö Island

This is a year rich in mosquitoes.

My dad fixes the car wearing a raincoat.


– Peter Köhler

Sidewalk Café

We’re having coffee at a sidewalk café in Trapani, Sicily.

I’m sketching on a pad. A man from Tunis stops at our table and asks me if I’d be willing to draw him a wolf if he bought me a beer.


– Peter Köhler

Pirated Goods

It´s really hard to beat a track suit that carries both the Adidas and the Nike logo.


– Peter Köhler


I´m about four years old and running a high fever. In the side window of a taxi I watch an inverted cartoon. Abstract day‑glo figures zooming around against a black background.


– Peter Köhler

Next to the train station

Jacob and I sit in a bar close to the train station in Karleby. A drunk, who sits at a table next to us, offers us lollipops. We take one each, that we save for later. The man insists that we have more, and he tells us he is catching a train shortly. Somewhat later, when we remind him of the time, he wants to give us even more lollipops. All of a sudden he looks sad, rolls up one of his shirt‑sleeves and shows us a big swastika tattooed on his arm.


– Peter Köhler

The Skeleton

My brother told me he had read that someone had found the skeleton of a gnome, in a wall of one of the old houses on Skansen.


– Peter Köhler


Among all the books,​ is one that is small and black.​ So plain and small that I cannot take my ​eyes off it.
When I open the first page I am surprised.­­​ It’s a passport to the Kingdom of the Dead!­​ Ready for use,
after sticking one´s photo on it.­­ The text is in Spanish.­­ I don’t buy it.


– Peter Köhler

The Deli

A zombie works in the deli on the corner of Broadway and 149th W.

His hair is white, and he sells meat.


– Peter Köhler