Peter Köhler

Peter Köhler lives and works as a visual artist in Stockholm, Sweden.

Born 1971, father of two.

He graduated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts in the year 2000.

He has appeared in various magazines and fanzines and he has exhibited his art in Europe and the United States. He works with Gallery Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm and has been represented at Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen,  Frieze Art Fair, London and The Armory Show in NYC.

“I always carry a notebook with me, for everyday use and on trips. I fill it with both meticulously detailed ink drawings as texts and simple notes.”
Poetry previously published in:
  • The Quick and the Dead. Gallery Magnus Karlsson.  2012.
  • Glimmer. Biondibooks.  2003.
  • Open. Biondibooks.  2002.
  • Mascara No 12.  1999.

Works published by Modern Poets Magazine:
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Bookstore August 18, 2016
Crows August 18, 2016
Front door May 4, 2017
Hairdresser May 4, 2017
Hofnarfjördur May 4, 2017
In the street August 18, 2016
Kite King May 4, 2017
Montauk August 18, 2016
Peach Garden May 4, 2017
Pirated Goods August 18, 2016
Sidewalk Café August 18, 2016
The Deli August 18, 2016
The Skeleton August 18, 2016
Travelogue August 18, 2016
Tropisms August 18, 2016
Väddö Island August 18, 2016
Vegetable Kingdom August 18, 2016