Colin Huerter

Colin Huerter has worked as a gallery director, freelance curator, essayist, and consultant to various distinguished private collections.  Curatorial projects include Substance Abuse at Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte, New York and Quick While Still at Heist Gallery, New York. Boundary Issues and A Momentary Stay Against Confusion at Horton Gallery, Berlin are recent projects. Colin has also lectured on the history of museums at Humboldt University in Berlin for three terms.  He is fascinated and inspired by the ongoing dialogue between poets and painters.

Works published by Modern Poets Magazine:
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Across Town She Sleeps August 15, 2016
Dear Ovid, August 17, 2016
Happy Hate August 16, 2016
Jean’s Illumination August 17, 2016
Restoration Hardware August 16, 2016