Jean’s Illumination

The funny looking figures​ – bodies flat
Pressed into stone wall​ and inky washy sky
Invisible to the hand​ that can knock over
A cup or curious dog​ and the tall horse that stares
Off into the tall trees​ transition of silk wool
And sniffing of clues​ of supper out the page
Whereby what’s that in the gravy,​ hmm, in the certain
Slant of leaking weeping god​ in gold in straw
In the wide glassless window​ too far from
All that the us and the her​ and the them they fear
And what’s that son,​ what’s that what’s the use
Of the rainbow flexing​ in her hand mirror
Gentle as sand is to move always subject to change –
Meet me halfway today.


– Colin Huerter