Ava Koerner

Ava Koerner is an opinionated teenager who really, really likes words. Her greatest inspiration are the authors who came before her, especially Toni Morrison, George Orwell, Yaa Gyasi, and Orson Scott Card, and her mother, who is wordier and more opinionated than just about anyone on the planet.

When Ava isn’t writing, you may find her cooking (and writing about it), taking long walks (during which she may or may not stop and jot down a few lines), or hanging out with her cat (and muse), Penelope.

Ava’s work has won local poetry awards in the DC area, and can be found on her website, avakoerner.com. Ava is about to start college, and is beyond excited to study public health and English literature.

Works published by Modern Poets Magazine:
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Dear God February 19, 2022
For Life February 19, 2022
Hope February 19, 2022
Rain February 19, 2022